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Health MP calls for a "more aggressive" approach from the homeopathic community.

A "more aggressive" approach from the homeopathic community was called for by MP David Tredinnick, chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Integrated Healthcare,when he opened The Society of Homeopaths spring conference and AGN. He urged Society members to go along to their MP's surgeries with the message "we're all in it together"

"You can take the pressure off doctors, you can deal with patients who are difficult to treat, you can work side by side as they do in India," he told members. Mr Tredinnick, who is also a member of both the House of Commons Health Committee and the Science and Technology Committee, explained how he has been working to get complementary medicine on the agenda, and how he had been defending homeopathy to enable forward movement.

He said he had been "firing off rockets all over the place", and was pressing for change in what constituted "evidence".

"We need to look at traditional usage, and the experience of patients," he said. "It's absurd not to take note of how patients feel and it's maddening that good enquiries are ignored. In future, homeopathy has to be at the heart of the health service."

He told members they should be aiming for every family in the country to have a homeopatic health kit which would reduce the health bill by billions, saying "the future is bright, the future is homeopathic."